Highly experienced, qualified, and discreet professionals, with an excellent track record and a broad range of property transaction knowledge.

What We Do

Our commercial property services provide a complete professional package to support or become the property function within a company and ensure that the company’s interests are fully protected. Whether you need a single office, run a multi-site retail operation or want to create a multi use development, all these projects require the input of specialist consultants to see the project through. 
These can include architects, planning consultants, solicitors, financiers, quantity surveyors, highway and services engineers and property agents.  We understand how these different functions operate and we speak their language on your behalf.
Strategies can be tailored for your portfolio, big or small in the following disciplines:-

Property Asset Management
Lease Advisory
Facilities Management

Why Seek Commercial Property Advice?

If your business owns or operates commercial property you may find that managing your corporate property portfolio takes up a disproportionate amount of your time.
We can lift that weight from your shoulders allowing you to concentrate on managing your core business more efficiently. Our clients include developers, commercial landlords and retail tenants, a national environmental waste company and an international wallpaper manufacturer. All of our clients have realised the benefit of our services, relieving them of the headache of strategically managing their property interests.

Strategic Advice

Strategic Advice Our understanding of commercial property, combined with a clear assessment of your business goals, objectives, drivers and constraints enables us to provide sound strategic advice within a wider context. We can guide you through the most complex of deals and unlock the full potential value within your property portfolio, thus maximising the return on your investment. Strategic whole life management of your property portfolio can enable organisational change and growth. We have extensive experience in developing business plans and due diligence services for a wide range of property initiatives. From single properties to large and complex mixed use portfolios. The quality and thoroughness of our work has made the difference to the successful outcome of many deals and as a result we have become a trusted advisor to our clients from private individuals to national chains. We can deal on your behalf with leading funders and valuers and help facilitate quicker and more successful negotiations. Your property portfolio is affected by fluctuations in the property market which in turn is influenced by many factors, not just economic. We can identify re-development or rationalisation opportunities, check alignment of asset management and development strategies, and provide a review of property occupation costs.

About Us

We are a Merseyside based multi-faceted property consultancy consisting of a small team of dedicated professionals with a combined industry experience of over fifty years.

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